Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kris Kobach as Attorney General? Or is it Ted Cruz? What about DHS? Update: Sessions for AG

RedState: Kris Kobach?

This pick, if true, does seem inspired. Kris Kobach's hated by La Raza and the ACLU. Daily Kos called him the architect of the most racist law in modern U.S. History (that is almost a Chomsky endorsement).

I know the left perceives resisting illegal immigration as racist (it isn't), but that is what Trump got elected to do. So he is going to do it. Get over it.

I did not know Kris Kobach wrote for National Review (you can check out his articles).  

EBL: Left not taking Trump's win well, Jonathan Pie's Leftist Rant, Milo Yiannopoulos as Trump's Press Secretary?, David Clark for Homeland Security?, John Bolton for Secretary of State? (although it looks like Rudy will get it), Lefty Pot Stirrers, and Real Climate Change at EPA?

AoSHQ: EPA staffers freaking out and thearpy dogs brought in

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RedState: Ted Cruz?

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Hot Air: Ted Cruz meets with Trump in New York?

Rush Limbaugh: Team Trump getting ready to kick ass


EBL: Jeff Sessions for AG

RedState: So what is Kris Kobach holding for this photo with Trump?


  1. Kobach for INS, he wants to prosecute Top-Cops and Mayors that declare they won't lock up illegals. These Top-Cops and Mayors swear an oath to the Constitution of the United States. They're screwed if they get taken into Federal Court. Expect the U.S. Marshals Service to experience a busy time with Koback. With Cruz for A.G., Cruz intends, pardon or not, to break up the Clinton Foundation, the Global Initiative and even Moveon.org. Those are funded with ill-gotten, pay-for-pay funding from Hillary's time as U.S. Senator and SecState. Obama better go DEEP with his pardons, too. These entities provide lots of tax-free cash, travel and luxury for the load Chelsea and a dozen favored staffers. Between them they handled classified information, took cash tax free, traded favors for money. Hell, if I was one of those that paid 1 million for a speech intending to get some influence from President Clinton, I'd want my money back. Huma, the Clintons (all of em) and the top 10 at Clinton and Global are all in deep trouble. Cruz has been screaming about this for 15 years, he's well familiar with all of it. This is gonna be good.

    1. I am good either way. I like Kobach. I like Ted.


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