Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Shu Jie Lam and Antibiotic Breakthrough

I saw this over at AoSHQ headlines about Shu Jie Lam and it is (potentially) a very big deal.

Women in STEM: This is a big deal

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Instapundit: Faster Please, Infections and Obesity, Hitchhiking Bacteria


  1. Isn't she pretty? Why do I see Elizabeth Holmes, sans Theranos, blonde hair, big tits and Chelsea Hubbell-Clinton by her side? Sorry, I ain't buying, but Feminist, Inc. might. When I can find some peer-review and serious patents being passed out and tossed around, I call Theranos. IPO coming, where is Henry Kissinger? He'll chip in, gender-pressure some bankers, maybe you can snow over the NASDAQ for a few billion at the IPO before everyone gets wise. Elizabeth Holmes almost got Theranos to IPO before it was discovered she was a fraud. Shu Jie better get her ass to Wall Street with this damned quick. Is Shu Jie already a Linked-In multi billionaire like Elizabeth Holmes, err, wait, Holmes is broke and under criminal investigation. Evi, when are you going to learn about Women-In-Science? Doesn't happen.

  2. The beaker has a stopper in it. These polymers are highly carcinogenic. Not sure the big deal that's being made of this.


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