Monday, November 14, 2016

Jonathan Pie's Leftist Rant

This has been around for several days (although Allahpundit posted it today) and you probably have seen it already.  But if not, it is worth watching. I disagree with Mr. Pie's politics (his language is also NSFW), but as a matter of speaking truth to the left on why Hillary Clinton lost, Pie is spot on on what a flawed candidate she was. 

Sort of plays into that SNL skit and Milo Yiannopoulos' take down of the BBC interviewer. Trump may be a crude vulgarian, but if he only appoints a worthy successor to Scalia, ends ObamaCare and the Iran Deal, end shipping in Islamist migrants from Syria, and rolls back some of the administrative law excesses of the past eight years...we win. And that is not a big agenda. Trump could potentially accomplish far more than that.  

Thank God that the left are just so clueless.  

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  1. Been watching Pie for years. posted that one at RSM a week ago. Where have YOU been, Evi! Celebrating? Come up for air yet? Better days, eh, girl? It's a fine time, watching adults preparing to take the reins and discard these infantile amateurs. Our GenX President was a failure and HIS reign indicates that that generation needs seasoning, a toughening up. I hope Democrats learn something for the next four years. Seems like every generation or so, you have to clear out the amateurs, the childish, the foolish. Cheers!

    PS, Oh by the way, the chica up there is ok too. Another benefit to this regime, some class, grace and some beauty and a sense of the notion that those at the top love this country. Forgot what that was for a bit..

    1. Hey, Bush hubris gave us Obama. Obama hubris gave us Trump. Hopefully Trump focuses on performance (and I think he will).

    2. I noted it has been around a while and people may have seen it. I do not remember your post at RSM, but good for you to post it. Pie's politics are wrong, but he is right about the Left picking the wrong candidate.

  2. Your page resets every thirty seconds and wipes out half-typed comments today for some reason, Evi. Love your blog, HATE blogspot.. I give up. For now..


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