Monday, November 14, 2016

There are a lot of lefty and pundit Trump pot stirrers out there right now...

Heat Street Pot Stirring: So what happened with Bannon and Priebus? 

Lem's Place: NYT pledges to be honest...

I do not have a position yet on the Priebus and Bannon Chief of Staff position and other Donald Trump cabinet picks or policies. I am not sure what is really going on behind the scenes. For me it is too early to tell and a lot of it depends on what Priebus performs.  I don't trust Ryan or McConnell at all, but Trump can't afford to go to war with his own party out of the gates, so I understand why he would consider needing some insiders on his side. 

I am not criticizing Troop's take, but the Heat Street one is definitely suspect. Oh sure, I have my own fantasy cabinet preferences (for example, I would be ecstatic over Trump picking John Bolton for Secretary of State and giddy over Myron Ebell at the EPA), but I am going to defer to the President Elect to do what he thinks best. Let's see how it plays out.  

What I find interesting (but not all that surprising) is how much media dishonesty is going on, trying to create divisions. Their bias is obvious to those of use paying attention, but we still need to call them out on it. They are such bastards.  

And I know this, the SPLC is a HATE group.  

Giuliani for Sec of State?

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