Saturday, August 27, 2016

Colin Kaepernick's protest does not stand...

Colin, you are not standing at the end of this play either...

Kaepernick did not have the right mindset for being a premiere quarter back, which is why his career is falling apart now. Yeah, Kaepernick is half black and white and was raised by a white couple who adopted him and loved him. People were confused they were his parents? So what? Please spare us  Kap about what a horrible childhood you had. You are now a multimillionaire, even if your recent play does not warrant it. Kaepernick's cries of raaaaacism fall on deaf ears. 

Richard Sherman grew up in Compton and had friends killed by gangs. Sherman addresses Black Lives Matter in a different way than Kaepernick (his friends were killed by black gang members, not the cops). Sherman works to be a professional on the field and gives back to his community.  

Here's a suggestion. Perhaps Kap should be focused on his own individual performance and stop feeling sorry for himself.  

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  1. Kap is dead. The 49ers are going to take a lot of vitriol from fans at stadiums where there are many Veterans and in military towns. DC, Tampa (Central Command), Dallas, San Diego, and NY Jets/Giants and Carolina are particularly patriotic venues where Kap (and hence, the 49ers) is going to really take a beating from the fans. 49ers head coach Chip Kelly will know all this and cut him. This he can do because Kap is no good anyway. Kap's antics with blacklivesmatter work in cop and America-hating San Fran, but the 49ers on the road will face insurmountable noise because of this. Best part is? Kapernic is now Kryptonite. He's a form of toxin worse than Mick Vick post-pit-bull fighting fame. There will be no forgiveness. No one will hire him, he will be done as soon as Chip Kelly cuts him (a good move anyway because Kap counts 13 million dollars against the 49er salary cap).

    This is gonna be great.

    1. I admit to not being a 49er fan, but if I were I would be all for cutting Kaepernick, not because he is disrespectful to the National Anthem (which I find offensive) but because it is a symptom of what a head case he is. His career is falling apart, but he is focused on this nonsense. Hey Kap, keeping your position has to be job one when you are a NFL QB. Like Johnny Manziel he does not have the maturity and poise to be a premiere NFL QB. The 49ers should cut their losses and rebuild with a new player.

  2. Gosh. If only he knew someone with millions of dollars that could be contributed to end this injustice!

    1. Unfortunately you and other 49ers fans are contributing


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