Sunday, August 28, 2016

Loser: Beck

Soy un perdedor...

While I thought he hurt himself badly post conventions, I really like a lot of things Trump is doing right now.  Reaching out to minority voters, especially black voters, is a smart move. I also recommend he not punch down and take the fight to Hillary.

I recognize he could easily lose and if the election were today he would certainly lose:
If all the toss ups go Trump's way he still loses to Hillary

But this race will likely get decided ultimately during the debates (probably the first debate). Either he changes the dynamic at that point or he doesn't.  Rather than engaging in magical thinking, Trump supporters should be treating this as an NFL game where Team Trump is 10 points down and there is five minutes left in the quarter. A turn over at this point would end the game.

Someone has to lose this thing, why not let it be Hillary?

Talking about the NFL and Losers...

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  1. I believe there will be no debates. You heard it here first. Hillary's team will decide that there is more risk in participating than in skipping them. She'll blame it on not demeaning the process by debating a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, etc etc. The media will completely back her up.


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