Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Angela Merkel: Winning Time Magazine's Person of the Year does not mean you did something good...

TOM: Importing Rape Culture: German Women Terrorized By Muslim Violence

Both Merkel and Hitler won Time's Person Of The Year!

EBL: Refugees Welcome?  No "good" deed goes unpunished...

Was Angela Merkel a naturalist back in the day in East Germany? 
Let's Hope Not!

Instapundit: Lileks and John HawkinsAmerican Muslims, can we have an honest talk?

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  1. There is a massive backlash to the million plus military age males that have invaded Europe. Angela's career will be flushed because of it -- but the naked photo of Angela...really? I need to wash my eyes. No more Rule 5 Merkels. Pleeeze


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