Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Marco Rubio: Third prize is you're fired...

AoSHQ notes that the GOPe and Media are trying to spin Marco Rubio's third place finish as a "win." but when you have Rush Limbaugh giving his blessing to Cruz and Rubio (and saying Trump lost Iowa by acting like a Liberal Democrat...ouch)

And Scott Brown is endorsing Donald Trump?  What does this mean?  

Instapundit: Big Winners out of Iowa? Tim Scott for Rubio? So is Marco Rubio getting the Romney blessing?  and the real message of Iowa: Republican Turnout

Regular Right Guy: 50/50 Bernie and Hillary
Rush Limbaugh: This is the beginning of the end for Hillary
Mark Steyn: Second Degree Bern

Erick Erickson: Cruz's predicament (good points, and Marco is definitely more popular with the establishment, Santorum just endorsed him, but he also has Jeb spending his last millions on hurting him).  

Smitty: The Art of the TrumperTantrum

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