Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Jeb Bush Be A Patriot: Drop Out

Instapundit: Please clapTrump gets an endorsement he probably doesn't want, Rand did the honorable thing. If Jeb cared about the future of America and the Republican Party, he would do the same  Same goes for Carson, Kasich, Fiorina (did I leave anyone out)

AoSHQ: Choose your heresy. Ace makes a heck of a point here and something I fully agree with it. Why hasn't the GOP hasn't hammered the Democrats on the real impact of illegal immigration (which is stagnant wages for working people).  The Democrats try to get around this by opting to boost the minimum wage. The GOP tries to argue tax credits. So since we are getting towards a Cruz-Trump-Rubio race, perhaps we should be seriously discussing this issue going forward.  

Rush Limbaugh: Rubio is a conservative

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