Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Welcome to Our Sex(Less) New Future

Coming To A College Campus Near You

Who knew progressives would be the biggest prudes ever?  

Can't You Feel The Sexual Healing Already?

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Wombat: Go Home, Hillary, You're Drunk
TOM: Climbing Up On A Digital Cross
Instapundit: The Junior Anti Sex League at Work
TOM: Rape is a crime, or not

Ted Cruz, Democrats, and the Supreme Court

Instapundit/Ed Driiscoll and Hot Air/Mary Katherine Ham are not a supporters of this idea...

I like Ted Cruz and I support him running and wish him the best. It appears to me the media is making more of Ted Cruz's comments than is warranted. My prediction is the left will defy the Supreme Court (SCOTUS will do something to piss them off eventually).

Right now elections matter. We need to elect conservatives who will appoint conservative justices. No more stealth nominees like Roberts or "pragmatics" like Kennedy. We need to fight for conservatives to be appointed to the Supreme Court and the Courts of Appeals and we need to resist (like Democrats do to us) when Democrats put their progressive nominees on the Court. 

And as Ace of Spades noted, you can resist in other ways.

Andrew Jackson Defying The Supreme Court: “John Marshall has made his decision now let him enforce it.”
Defying The Supreme Court: A Democrat Tradition Since 1832

And let's not forget the Elizabeth Warren's family roll in the Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears

Peach Pundit: The Sad Truth About King v. Burwell
Camp of the Saints: On The Death of Rule of Law, Part I (what do you do when the Court defies the Constitution...)
Protein Wisdom: How You Get There Matters. Still.

Belated RIP to Patrick Macnee (and Chris Squire too)

 Mark Steyn: Brollies and Dollies

So what better way to celebrate the life of Patrick Macnee than to focus some attention on his best co-star, the lovely Diana Rigg:

Smitty: Chris Squire, No (I do not know if he knew Diane Rigg, but here is hoping he did)
Wombat recommends the Complete Emma Peel Megaset Collection
Instapundit/Ed Driscoll: Patrick Macnee RIP and Chris Squire RIP

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Monday, June 29, 2015

So with all this news of Greece and now Puerto Rico going into default, how about some Rita Moreno!

How long will the media keep covering for Hillary Clinton?

So will conservatives become the new gays?


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Look on the bright side, the exchange rate should be great when visiting Greece...

You might be mugged going through Athens and it will definitely suck if you are from Greece, but tourists should benefit (at least in the short term) from the economic turmoil.

Mark Steyn: Big Fat Greeks, and Weddings

Frank Sinatra: Cycles

Cycles (both the song and the album) is probably not on most people's list of Sinatra's greats, but it's an interesting song (made better by Frank's delivery).  Don Costa produced it and while not an over the top My Way or the wonderfully sublime work Costa and Jobim did with Frank here (thank you Pundette), while the album is not my favorites, Cycles is still a song worth listening to.

Mark Steyn has the Cole Porter's classic I Concentrate On You. For Father's Day Mark has this especially appropriate pick and the Coffee Song.  In response to Ed Driscoll noting the 50th anniversary of Like A Rolling Stone, Mark also brought back his post for Bob Dylan's 60th Birthday back in 2001 (which noted Dylan singing Sinatra and Martin songs).

Bob has starts off this week with a Cahn-VanHeusen classic The Tender Trap (along with Makin Whoppie, Gershwin's I Have A Crush On You, and Are You Lonesome Tonight and last week had It Had To Be You and A Foggy Day in London Town (and others including Witchcraft)

I focused the other day the Jule Styne and Sammy Cahn's masterpiece Time After Time from It Happened in Brooklyn and on Mr. Booze from Robin and the Seven Hoods. Last week I had Frank's version of Tony Hatch's Call Me and before that Songs Sinatra Did Not Record (any excuse to do a post with Julie London, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sarah Vaughan singing Cole Porter cannot be passed up), I belatedly remembered Dean Martin's birthday earlier this month, and also had this Sinatra/Hoagy Carmichael heartbreaker (which is also Mark's song last week)

Don’t forget to also keep checking out
It’s a swingin’ world.

And since everyone who listens to Sinatra is a winner, I will throw this Joe Raposo bonus track in too!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Morgan James and the Skivvies: Burning Girl

This gay stuff is going to get mighty complicated: Barack Obama then and now, ISIS now...

Advocate: Iran forces gay men to undergo sex change operations (but on the plus side the Iranian government pays for the procedure)

Camp of the Saints: Justice Thomas's Dissent (gay marriage) and Justice Scalia's Dissent (SCOTUScare)

American Power Blog: Is Polygamous Marriage Next? (really why not, there is more justification for that historically than gay marriage)
Regular Right Guy: 6-3 Obamacare, 5-4 SSM

Friday, June 26, 2015

If you think the left's demands will stop with gay marriage, you have another thing coming...

EBL: More John Roberts Fun To Come (and yeah, I know he was on the right side of this issue, he is still a tool)

Smitty: Friday Fiction (with h/t to Darleen)
Wombat: In the Mailbox (SCOTUScare knitting of teeth edition)
Rush Limbaugh: The left's moral relativism has eaten our culture alive...
Instapundit/Sarah Hoyt: The world of the sexually confused (why don't they get their rights too)

More John Roberts Fun To Come! Update: Gay Marriage Legal Everywhere

With yesterday's SCOTUScare ruling, is there going to be any surprise with the other rulings expected shortly?

I doubt it.

The only surprise is it's only a 5-4 decision: Gay Marriage Legal Everywhere  (and yeah, I know he was on the right side of this issue, he is still a tool)

I support same sex marriage, I just hate how it was accomplished. An equal protection argument never made any sense given we know equal protection clauses were never created to accomplish this. The right way to pass same sex marriage is democratically (via legislation or by voter referendum). But it's done. But the damage these decisions will have on other cases remains to be seen.

Roberts sides with the minority here (as many predicted Kennedy is the swing vote). But there seems to be tension between Roberts and Scalia.  No marriage for those two!

Roberts gives this bit of advice (too bad he didn't follow it with his SCOTUScare rulings):
If you are among the many Americans—of whatever sexual orientation—who favor expanding same-sex marriage, by all means celebrate today’s decision. Celebrate the achievement of a desired goal. Celebrate the opportunity for a new expression of commitment to a partner. Celebrate the availability of new benefits. But do not celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to do with it.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Democrat Need To Denounce Democrat Racists

SCOTUSCare: Roberts and Kennedy uphold ObamaCare. Update: Happy Birthday George Orwell

Volokh Conspiracy/Ilya Somin: The Federalism Dog that Didn't Bark
Instapundit: Meh
Legal Insurrection

Flashback: EBL: So What Will John Roberts Do This Time?
Darleen Click

Instapundit: This is not good
Flopping Aces: RobertsCare is a slow moving train wreck...

With all this flag banning stuff going on...

How about an ISIS flag?  They don't have these on Amazon yet. This one is modified with a line in Arabic that appropriately states: "Islamic State Pigs"

A special version with forbidden logos!

Or Alternatively You Can Get A Shirt or Book: 

Jazz Shaw: The Flagging Dissent Society
EBL: Take Down That Poster
Camp of the Saints: Malice toward all and charity to none...
Mark Steyn: Democrats: World Champs of Institutional Racism

Volokh Conspriacy: Expunge Woodrow Wilson from places of honor
Legal Insurrection: Mark Steyn: The Confederate Flag is a Democrat Problem

Frank Sinatra and Kathryn Grayson: Time After Time with bonus Brooklyn Bridge

Back in May I did a post of Jimmy Durante, Frank Sinatra and Kathryn Grayson (including Sinatra and Grayson singing Mozart). But there are greater musical gems in It Happened In Brookyn:

Frank (above) fibs a bit about who wrote the music and lyrics for Time After Time, it was written by Sammy Cahn (who's centennial was two years ago) and Jule Styne. The lyrics of this song are deceptively simple when written, but just beautiful when sung.

I only know what I know,
The passing years will show
You've kept my love so young, so new;

While not necessarily the most famous, it is one of the best songs Sinatra recorded and definitely one of Cahn's best (which is saying a lot) (one of Jule Styne's best too).

Here is the 1957 recording (I prefer the one from 1946):

And I have to throw this bonus clip in too (don't be so judgmental, what is so wrong with loving a piece of engineering):

"Happy" was definitely in immediately after WWII

Mark Steyn for Father's Day Mark has this especially appropriate pick and the Coffee Song.  In response to Ed Driscoll noting the 50th anniversary of Like A Rolling Stone, Mark also brought back his post for Bob Dylan's 60th Birthday back in 2001 (which noted Dylan singing Sinatra and Martin songs).
Bob has It Had To Be You and A Foggy Day in London Town (and others including Witchcraft)
Pundette has Too Close for Comfort, Something's Gotta Give, and It Might As Well Be Spring

I focused the other day on Mr. Booze from Robin and the Seven Hoods. Last week I had Frank's version of Tony Hatch's Call Me and before that Songs Sinatra Did Not Record (any excuse to do a post with Julie London, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sarah Vaughan singing Cole Porter cannot be passed up), I belatedly remembered Dean Martin's birthday earlier this month, and also had this Sinatra/Hoagy Carmichael heartbreaker (which is also Mark's song last week)

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It’s a swingin’ world.

And here are some photos of the lovely actress and singer Kathryn Grayson:

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