Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Welcome to Our Sex(Less) New Future

Coming To A College Campus Near You

Who knew progressives would be the biggest prudes ever?  

Can't You Feel The Sexual Healing Already?

Rule 5 and FMJRA

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TOM: Climbing Up On A Digital Cross
Instapundit: The Junior Anti Sex League at Work
TOM: Rape is a crime, or not


  1. Well, they've got the Love Is Hate Ignorance Is Strength part down.

  2. Not worried. I'm happily married, and my daughters are in healthy relationships. I know for all the joy, this won't end well for many. I'm done being in the middle. I'm going to step aside. When the attacks come, I'll just echo the lefts sentiment regarding Pam Geller.

  3. This narrative -- that leftists love sex and rightists hate it -- is a false one that is sadly propagated eagerly by both sides. The left, out of their desire to use it as a weapon and the right, because of McCarthy.

    Leftist being prudes is not new. Through their control of the education and media, they have been good at hiding it from the public record, but the progressivist track record on sex is darker than anything short of Sharia Law. The Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Maoist China (and even modern China to a more subtle extent), Pol Pot's Camodia (the Khmer Rouge was especially brutal to couples) and North Korea (even today) all sought to control the sex lives of their subjects, with the latter three doing so lethally.

    Gays in Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Cuba were also shot.

    A lot of this is not well known today, so I have dedication a section of my blog to this http://sol1776.blogspot.com/p/not-so-free-love-progressive-prudes.html and in a post about Che, demonstrates a leftist icon's hatred of homosexuality http://sol1776.blogspot.com/p/not-so-heroic-real-che-guevara.html


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