Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Belated RIP to Patrick Macnee (and Chris Squire too)

 Mark Steyn: Brollies and Dollies

So what better way to celebrate the life of Patrick Macnee than to focus some attention on his best co-star, the lovely Diana Rigg:

Smitty: Chris Squire, No (I do not know if he knew Diane Rigg, but here is hoping he did)
Wombat recommends the Complete Emma Peel Megaset Collection
Instapundit/Ed Driscoll: Patrick Macnee RIP and Chris Squire RIP

Rule 5 and FMJRA

1 comment:

  1. Peter Macnee?

    BTW, Diana Rigg (gah!)

    How 'bout a little Linda Thorson (sp?)?

    And some Pussy Galore (how do you think she got star billing in "Goldfinger")?

    After all, the first Avenger was Cathy Gale.


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