Friday, June 26, 2015

If you think the left's demands will stop with gay marriage, you have another thing coming...

EBL: More John Roberts Fun To Come (and yeah, I know he was on the right side of this issue, he is still a tool)

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Rush Limbaugh: The left's moral relativism has eaten our culture alive...
Instapundit/Sarah Hoyt: The world of the sexually confused (why don't they get their rights too)


  1. The demands won't stop, and fighting back is nearly futile with the current court and GPOe. Might as well join them. I support forcing mosques to perform gay marriage. And I hope the church in SC is one of the first to perform a gay marriage. We need more marriages in the black community, and they might as well be gay. And since Miley Cyrus doesn't care who she beds, I'm sure the definition of marriage will expand to incorporate views held by Muslims, Mormons, and Wiccans.

    1. The only way you lose is when you give up.

    2. Not giving up, just ready to start playing by their rules. Obama might have changed his mind a few years ago, but the black, church going community, is still strongly opposed to gay marriage. And while the Progressives will most definitely target Judeo-Christian religions, we simply need to remind them to be inclusive of Muslims. Finally, while I will have a hard time marking a ballot for any GOP Congressional candidate (even Ted Poe voted for TPA), I will vote for the most conservative President, as apparently that person is now a 4 year Totalitarian. France and Germany will have to figure out their problems on their own, as they haven't been too helpful to us in the past 10 years.

  2. Let them go wild.

    The America that thinks a quarter of the country is queer gets its image of them from "Will And Grace" reruns.

    Just as ultrasound opened people's eyes to the evil of abortion, same here.

    Only it's going to come a lot faster.

    Wait for "The Dan Savage Show".


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