Saturday, June 27, 2015

This gay stuff is going to get mighty complicated: Barack Obama then and now, ISIS now...

Advocate: Iran forces gay men to undergo sex change operations (but on the plus side the Iranian government pays for the procedure)

Camp of the Saints: Justice Thomas's Dissent (gay marriage) and Justice Scalia's Dissent (SCOTUScare)

American Power Blog: Is Polygamous Marriage Next? (really why not, there is more justification for that historically than gay marriage)
Regular Right Guy: 6-3 Obamacare, 5-4 SSM


  1. On the polygamous issue, if I was CAIR, I would suggest Mosques refuse gay marriage until Muslims in the US gain the right to polygamous marriage. They can simply point to the 14th Amendment, this ruling, and get an injunction until SCOTUS decides.

  2. Didn't we have a war with the Mormons over this?

    (and the Mormons pretty much won)

    Of course, that won't stop the gang at SCOTUS from finding another penumbra someplace. They come cheap these days.


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