Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stages of Islamic Fundamentalism Rule 5

We have seen plenty of Muslim leaders who wives are highly western in dress and custom.  Queen Rania of Jordan and Asma al Assad of Syria come immediately to mind.  

The Blogfather, by linking the Daily Mail, notes that Asam al Assad is partying on the eve of the Wrath of Obama like its 1999... How heteropatriarchial of him!  

But this photograph below captures the transition that often happens with so called adoption "modest" Islamic dress.  

Meanwhile cowardly feminists deride those who respond with mockery and derision to Miley Cyrus's shameful performance at the VMA, but ignore how women are routinely murdered, brutalized and marginalized in the Muslim world.  Why is that?  And we have so called progressives, who are trying to push the envelope on having sex with children, and those of us who speak out against that are called haters?  

Queen Rania al Abdullah of Jordan Rule 5

Friday, August 30, 2013

Extreme Cold Weather in Peru? Make the best of it!

First Lady of Syria Asma al-Assad Rule 5

Barack Obama rebuffed: Great Britain says no on joining USA in attacking Syria...

Separated at Birth: Edward Snowden and...?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Gay Mafia goes goon on Hockey Player Pavel Datsyuk

We need more enforcers, like Pastafarian, to clear the ice for Pavel Datsyuk.  

Russian Orthodox Christians are de facto anti gay?  Because they oppose gay marriage?  So there is no compromise or respect here, if you oppose gay marriage they just try to destroy you?  I am generally for gay marriage myself (if they want to marry, I am indifferent at a state civil level), but when I see bullying tactics like this becoming more prevalent against people who disagree on the basis of faith, I question if this is worth it.  Pavel Datsyuk is not looking for a fight.  But the gay mafia wants scapegoats to blame.

The Gay Mafia in California go after the Boy Scouts (the gay mafia never relents, never surrenders, and never compromises...)

Nidal Hasan sentenced to death

I am good with the verdict...
I would have voted for life without possibility of parole only because I know Nidal Hasan wants to die.  And he could spend a few decades as a paraplegic contemplating his crimes.  But getting rid of him now is fine too.   

And he still has mandatory appeals.  

The Endicott Pear: Still going strong 383 years later...

Kate Upton and Arnold Palmer

My what big teeth you have...Minnesota teen attacked by wolf

First documented serious wolf attack in Minnesota
Related Earlier Story: The mystery of the big cat in Detroit ends with it being shot...


BTW, I am all for wolf recovery.  And in Minnesota it is not wolf recovery but wolves that have never left that state. But if you have a problem wolf (which 99.9% of the time will be live stock related--so I feel that kid's pain in the story) I am all for shooting the problem wolf.  And last time I checked, Minnesota sold wolf hunting permits that get used.  So this story is more of a rare curiosity than intended to inflame passions against wolves.  That said, do not let little kids wander in the woods.  While I suppose they could be taken by a wolf or most likely have to worry about those two legged predators.  

March on Washington, August 28, 1963

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blueberry Pie

The foundation of any good pie is the crust, and vodka crusts work.  It is chemistry, vodka burns off quicker than regular water (the 50% alcohol content evaporates quicker) and inhibits the formation of gluten in the crust (which makes a crust tough).  The result, a crispier flaky crust.  I would also substitute lard for vegetable shortening.  It is healthier (really it is) and it makes a far better crust.

Then go with a fresh filling (blueberries are still available fresh and delicious).  

Craprehensive Immigration Bill full of Pork!

The real swine are our representatives in Congress...
Do not be complacent...

I do not mind the tired, poor and hungry when it is geared to assimilation, getting ahead, and productive work as opposed to having them hitting the social safety net. We cannot have open immigration if the result is millions more on social assistance--it is beyond fiscally sustainable and actually fiscal suicide.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Congressional Medal of Honor to Staff Sargent Ty Carter

Democrats Fanning Racial Tensions: DHS employee behind website promoting race war on paid leave!

Was the Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King match rigged?

Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs 
If it was, a select few people made a lot of money on that match...

Riggs got promotion money and
drummed up betting interest...

Craprehensive Immigration Reform...

Don't be is still out there.  It is popular with the Catholic Church and Evangelicals.  

Lou Reed: Walk on the Wild Side

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lobster price economics: When the theory does not fit the facts, print the theory...

Chip S had this on lobster retail and wholesale prices...
Chip S has a taste for facts.  Unlike others.  

Debbie Wasserman Schultz won't touch Weiner

Sunday Movie Matinee: Charade

Charade screwed up on its copyright and is in the public domaine.  I posted this the other day and Chip S. posted the link the movie.

Director Stanley Donen, along with the writer Peter Stone, drop references to other movies in Charade.  

Crack Emcee's YouTube Channel

So are we doomed?

Call of the Wild in Detroit Update: Big feral house cat shot and killed

Henry Mancini: Charade

Friday, August 23, 2013

Law and Order SVU Jumps the Shark: Mashes up Paula Deen with Trayvon Martin!

 Drudge Report links this UK Mail article on the latest from that show ripped from the headlines...
I also bet they don't mention that the real life Paula Deen was a Democrat or Obama supporter...

And George Zimmerman was a Democrat and Obama supporter too...
This is going to be totally unbelievable.  No one is going to buy that the actress playing Assistant Attorney General Alexandra Cabot is Disgraced Prosecutor Angela Corey?

ADA Alexandra Cabot from L&O SVU
Disgraced Prosecutor Angela Corey

Hey given all these racially motivated attacks lately that the lamestream media is mostly ignoring, if Barack Obama had a son would he look like Chris Lane?  Or maybe Obama's son would be more like this?

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