Friday, August 23, 2013

Law and Order SVU Jumps the Shark: Mashes up Paula Deen with Trayvon Martin!

 Drudge Report links this UK Mail article on the latest from that show ripped from the headlines...
I also bet they don't mention that the real life Paula Deen was a Democrat or Obama supporter...

And George Zimmerman was a Democrat and Obama supporter too...
This is going to be totally unbelievable.  No one is going to buy that the actress playing Assistant Attorney General Alexandra Cabot is Disgraced Prosecutor Angela Corey?

ADA Alexandra Cabot from L&O SVU
Disgraced Prosecutor Angela Corey

Hey given all these racially motivated attacks lately that the lamestream media is mostly ignoring, if Barack Obama had a son would he look like Chris Lane?  Or maybe Obama's son would be more like this?

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  1. That would take considerable effort, but the Peacock probably has nothing much else to do all day.

  2. What is it in my psyche that finds that photo you posted of Paula Deen so scary? I mean, she looks downright scary to me...the big wide eyes, the crap eating grin, "Chuckie" the evil clown puppet or something.

    1. She is scary. She is a run don't walk.

      That Weiner is drawn to this says two possible things 1) that Weiner is completely depraved and out of control to do this with this woman; or 2) she is (despite being damaged goods) a better alternative to Huma.

    2. Dunno about scary. She's just another relentlessly perky and upbeat TV personality. Or she was.

      What really amazes me about the whole Deen thing is that thirty years ago a guy robbed her at gunpoint. But that's not that bad part. No, the bard part is that she called the pistol wielding thug a Mean Name.


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