Sunday, May 31, 2020

Louis Vuitton "Influencer" Promotion Backfires During Protest Looting 👜🤑😬🚔🔥

So an 'influencer' campaign must involve Louis Vuitton giving her a $4,000 hand bag (and presumably addtional payment too), and in exchange she makes sure the paparazzi take photographs of her with it. The underlying message being, if you got only of these bags, you could live a life as glamorous as Ms. de Armas.  

I never understood the alure of a Louis Vuitton bag. Oh, I am sure they are well made, but most of them are ugly. And why pay to have a big gaudy LV thing on your bag?  Are you so insecure that you have to promote your worth by showing you are dumb enough to buy an over priced purse?  

Of course, Louis Vuitton's whole marketting is about most of its customers spending more than they can afford to live a fantasy. I also spend money on things other people would probably have no interest in. People can do what they want.  

In Portland, protesters of George Floyd's death, broke in and looted a Louis Vuitton story in Pioneer Square. Because when when you are protesting police brutality, you really need a Louis Vuitton bag as a form of reprerations. And thoes bags are so much better when you don't have to pay for them (and won't be prosecuted for a crime). 
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  1. These ladies are carrying around some real top quality Louis Vuitton arm candy.

  2. These ladies are carrying around some real top quality Louis Vuitton arm candy.


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