Friday, May 29, 2020

Amy Klobuchar and George Floyd's Death 🔥😬👮🏻‍♂️

The timing of this is not particularly good for Amy Klobuchar's veep hopes. Especially given her past connection to the police involved in George Floyd's death.

Powerline: Minneapolis Goes BaghdadPolicing and Media Double Standards, Twin Cities Conditions Deteriorating as Keith Ellison fans the flames, The George Floyd Killing in Perspective, and Comedy and Tragedy

TOM: Courageous Social Justice Activists Vandalize CNN Atlanta Headquarters and Anarchy in Minneapolis: Democrats Celebrate Rioters Who Burned Down City

Legal Insurrection: Van Jones: Blacks need to worry more about the white liberal Hillary supporter

Rush Limbaugh: There is no justification for George Floyd's blue state death

Twitchy: Amy Klobuchar's tweets over riots and arrest backfire on her

The Week: Amy Klobuchar's connection to George Floyd death

Instapundit: Amy Klobuchar's VP prospects are over

Mark Steyn: Locked Down But Looting

AoSHQ: Morning Report 05.29.20

You think the Minneapolis riots are bad, just imagine being one of Angry Amy Klobuchar's staffers today! 😡🤯(she tends to take bad news out on them).

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