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Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Man In The High Castle: Season 4 (Final Season)

I am not finished with the final season yet--but so far so good. Seems like a good way to end this exploration of the multi-verse world where the Nazis and Imperial Japanese won WWII in this alternative universe (and presumably how they eventually lose--albeit 18 years later).  While the series has focused on Juliana Crain and Trade Minister Tagomi--the primary character that things will turn on in Season 4 will be John Smith. Inspector Kido also has issues to work out. 

Yeah there a few PC touches--such as lingering shots of the border wall between the Greater Nazi Reich and the Neutral Zone (I wonder what the message there was). Getting past that: I was a fan of the original book (one of Dick's best and least dated to read now) and the Amazon adaptation. 

It remains considerably better than Watchmen (which seemed ok at first but so far has been disappointing--other than that weird baby swamp) and His Dark Materials (which so far is just boring and depressing).

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  1. Super excited for season 4, but, haven't been able to watch it with my Devils playing Friday and Saturday night. Gonna try and get an episode in before the Walking Dead tonight. I don't like to binge it, there's too much detail to take in


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