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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Caroline Calloway and Natalie Beach 🤦🏻‍♀️📖

Stacy McCain at The Other McCain  has been following this train wreck for a while. I am not so surprised by Caroline Calloway or Natalie Beach's behavior, than I am so many others literally bought into it. Then again publishers and marketers are always looking for the next best thing. As grifters can tell you, the easiest marks are those who think they are so damn smart. I don't have any sympathy to the publisher who gave Calloway a big fat advance. 

So Caroline Calloway got paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for a book she never wrote (and apparently never could have wrote). With the Frye FestivalFelicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin (granted they are not Millennials, but they were celebrity moms scaring for their kids), posers at Burning Man, NXIVM Sex Cult, heck even Barrett Brown,  you could call this the Greatest Generation (of Scammers). 

It almost makes you lose faith in them, but (fortunately) not all Millennials are low talent scammers like Caroline Conway or celebrity train wrecks. Compare Calloway's story to that of Idaho off-the-grid Mormon girl Tara Westover, who never stepped foot in a class room until she was 17, but went to Cambridge on a Gates scholarship and ended up writing Educated (which is an excellent memoir--and I used her as an example because she actually wrote a book worth reading). But there are many other Millennials who are working hard in jobs, serving in the military, living their lives honestly, and who don't get a lot of compensation or hype. 

Caroline Calloway's tale is a pathetic and depressing, but could be a decent social satire in the hands of the right author (we miss you Tom Wolfe). I could also see it being made into a movie. And look on the bright side Caroline-- some influencers have had worse happen to them

Rotten Chestnuts: The Basic College Girl (depressing, however, while it is bad out there as RC notes, it is not universal)

Natalie Beach (getting her hands dirty for Caroline). 

Caroline reading Natalie's story about her (where's her therapist). 

Does the Vox 'Juice Box Mafia' get they are a lot like this pair

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