Friday, April 28, 2017

Celebrity Schadenfreude: Fyre Festival of Fraud, Fear and Fail

Everything else sucked, but I guess you could go see the Bahama "Swimming Pigs" 

Breitbart: Promises of tropical island paradise with Instagram models, met with assaults and wild dogs

US Weekly: Ja Rule's Fyre Festival was a Complete Fail: Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies

TOM: New Jersey Computer Whiz Kid Discovers Real Life Is Not Like Web Design and Lesbian couple experience the fun and adventure of the Islamic world

NY Mag: Fyre Festival was always going to be a disaster...

NY Post: Ja Rule's Tropical Paradise descends into hell...

Business Insider: Ja Rule says it is not his fault, but promise to make it right

AoSHQ: Ace finally finds out about it!  But the Schadenfreude never gets old.

Rule 5 and FMJRA


  1. TMZ had pics of one of the 'fabulous' meals there. It was a Styrofoam carton with two slices of bread, two slices of cheese, a slice of tomato and a little lettuce.
    A bargain at twelve grand!

    1. As Iowahawk tweets, “In fairness people who paid $12k to watch Blink 182 deserve a life sentence to a dystopian Cannibal Island.”

    2. You know Douchenozzels like Roger Goodell are thinking, how can we get NFL fans to shell out bucks like that?

  2. So who are the people that would go to this thing anyway? I keep thinking this is where Yale, Harvard, and other trust fund kids go. People who earned their money don't have $12,000 to spend on just seeing models. And as for the pictures, I have better ones from my recent cruise that included Freeport and Nassua Bahamas. Total cost for 7 days was less than $3,000 for two of us, and at least one meal included lobster and steak.

    I'm seriously asking, because I have a hunch these are limousine liberals that get swindled like this.

    1. If you gave me $12,000 per person for a vacation, trust me it would be a helluva vacation. You could do two or three months in Europe living large on that budget. You could do a vacation in the Bahamas for about $1,000 per person for about a week. And that would be a decent hotel and meals.

      People are idiots. There are a lot of marks (suckers) out there.

    2. Gov't financed. It probably came out of their student loans.

  3. I think for 12G; I could get you a great Bahamian weekend with a pair of attractive escorts and a chef on call. I'd find the best acts across the island nation and have a float plane take you to them.

  4. Same island as the swimming pigs, but many of them died, so no luck their either.


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