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Friday, April 28, 2017

When did people first get to California?

The evidence supporting this theory seems pretty damn thin. It is entirely possible humans entered North America sooner than what general scientific consensus is now...there is just little proof for it yet (certainly not for a 100,000 years ago plus). But lets follow where the evidence leads us.  

One thing though, although I do not have evidence to prove this, I am pretty sure Neanderthals and Sasquatch did not put ketchup on their hotdogs or mastadon...

90 Miles From Tyranny: All French Wine is really California Wine

Talking about pseudo science, how about feminist studies? A Feminist Woman meets an Neanderthal...

This video is awesome!


  1. 1841, when John Bidwell (great name, huh?) led the first wagon train of Americans west.

    1. Off by a dozen millenniums, but like the Price is Right, at least you aren't over.

    2. Hey, the Digger Indians and Spanish Californians, were way better people than that collection of Antifa thugs at Berkeley today. I blame socialist ideology from the East that ruined California.

    3. And by "East" I mean mostly New England elitist schools


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