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Monday, August 12, 2019

What are the Russians up to in the high Arctic? 🤔🤯🚀

Something odd is going on in the Arctic and the Russians are being very secretive about it...

The cold war is back again, sorta like Socialism, or herpes...

Debbie training in the snow in New Jersey, back in the day...

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  1. The first link, highlighted 'Odd" says it can't be found.

  2. Nuclear powered engine. That explains a few things and should also start a new round of fear mongering and pants shitting from the Military Industrial Types.

  3. Small nuke for power. They were used for satellites and mission solar exploration (still are I guess) but this may be very tiny.
    Reason: to provide for a long term or multiple target vehicle power perhaps for electric engines for loitering. This can be done now with satellites but they can be tracked and shot down.
    I would guess their problem is the smaller size lacks robustness needed to survive the initial launch conditions.
    Back to the drawing board guys. Next time do some testing in an enclosed area, M'kay?

  4. Look up Project Pluto


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