Saturday, June 29, 2019

Kamala Harris, Democrats, and NBC Work To Take Out Plugs Biden

Kamala Harris went on the offensive the other night against Joe Biden (Bernie just looks left out)

TOM nailed the bias of MSNBC in setting Biden up...

The story Kamala told was made up. But when have lies stopped a Democrat from taking out an opponent?

Of course Kamala Harris is not telling the truth, but this attack wouldn't have been attempted if Joe Biden didn't brag last week about his ability to work with Democrat Segregationists back in the day. That just made Plugs look old and out of touch. Biden has had more than a few racial gaffes before. As Rush also noted, Obama or Michelle could bail Joe out on this with just a public comment...they aren't doing so.  

Unfair as hell. The Democrats are the party of choice, and Party Leaders are choosing to terminate Biden's candidacy. But given Joe Biden has brazenly lied about others, I am just enjoying my popcorn 🍿. 

Beyond the hit on Biden, are the Democrats really going to run on free stuff to illegal aliens and waxing nostalgic about busing?  Granted, those under forty don't remember it, but busing?  😬 🚌 Everyone hated busing. Then again, I never thought Communism would come back. 

Karma, it even happens to Democrats.

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Hot Air: Kamala Harris surging and Birtherism is Back Pointing out Kamala's dad is Jamaican is NOT birtherism and Republicans donating to Marianne Williams (to keep her in)

Hey, it's not personal Joe, it is strictly business.  

Happier days when Plugs could cuddle with the lady Senator.  

Time for retirement Senator Plugs, pass that torch.  

Kamala Harris sporting a pant suit...Hillary 2.0

Still, don't underestimate her.  

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