Monday, October 8, 2018

Lady Mormont calls out those who did not support Brett Kavanaugh...

You should carefully remember who supported Kavanaugh and who did not.  

I am not talking just of the obvious, like Lisa Murkowski.  I am talking about those so called conservative pundits who also did not defend him. Let them be Democrats if they wish. I am sure Brett Kavanaugh did not harm any of the women who accused him. Be it flat out lies or mistaken identity (I am being charitable in the later), it was revealing to see how people reacted.  

To their credit, a lot of NeverTrumpers recognized the Kavanaugh hit job for what it was, a hit job. Susan Collins pointed out that Kavanaugh was actually a moderate conservative pick (I wish he was more conservative myself). So while I would have preferred it didn't happen, it did bring the GOP together.  


  1. Add all of the GOP senators that voted yea, but we never heard a peep out of them in support of Kavanugh. I was totally shocked at the number of GOP senators I never had even heard of.
    Years ago, I recall I knew the names of most all of the Senators. Where were they? Just hiding in their foxholes apparently.

    1. We need to defeat the true enemy first. Starting with the Midterms.

  2. It is good to defeat the enemy first as Evi said. That will be a good start.


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