Sunday, October 7, 2018

So when is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaving for New Zealand?

So when is Justice Ginsburg emigrating to New Zealand?

partisan court? Instead of moving to Middle Earth, maybe Kagan and Sotomayor can move to the center!

Powerline: Kavanaugh Confirmed

EBL: Congratulations Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Legal Insurrection:  Democrats: Don't cross Cocaine Mitch...

AoSHQ: Cucks: Don't Fight, Don't Gloat--Trump hold Kavanaugh's beer..., and FFFFFinally!

TOM: The Last Kavanaugh Post, EverKarlie Koss Rumors?, ConFFFFFirmed!,and Smearing Conservatives

Instapundit: Ouch!What to expect with Kavanaugh (I concur with Glenn, although I hope the confirmation fight pushes Kavanaugh to the right), The high water mark for resistance (at least for now) and Dems threaten to get more ruthless?  


  1. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll...added you to mine as well.
    MAGA! Long week but we did it.. :)

    1. Thank you. My pleasure. I am very glad Brett Kavanaugh survived this.


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