Saturday, October 6, 2018

Congratulations Supreme Court of the United States Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh

It goes to say this was an insane couple of weeks. It has been revealing.  

I won't forget.  

Thank you to Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham for stepping up when it was critically needed. While he did not have to put us through what he did, in the end Jeff Flake did the right thing. Thank you to Mitch McConnell for shepherding Brett Kavanaugh through this nightmare confirmation process and especially Donald Trump for not abandoning him (although I think he relishes the fight). And most of all thank you to Brett Kavanaugh and his lovely family for having to go through this hell and sticking with this.

Special bonus thanks to Michael Avenatti for helping Brett Kavanaugh confirmed.  Swetnick's insane gang rape allegations managed to hurt the #MeToo movement enormously. Avenantti also really damaged himself in this. Good luck with that 2020 presidential run.

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  1. Congratulations Supreme Court of the United States Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh


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