Friday, May 18, 2018

The Real Constitutional Crisis: Spying on Trump and Covering for Clinton

The media with that animal nonsense yesterday tipped just how anti Trump they really are (and desperate given how stupid that attack on Trump was). But getting past the noise, when the NYT confirms that Trump was spied on by the FBI, that is pretty scary. 

Meanwhile the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz is poised to release his report (a draft is being circulated now to government officials), and indications are it will be scathing about the Obama FBI and DOJ handling of the Clinton email probe. Whether there are criminal referrals from it remains to be seen, but the Democrats and their media allies are spooked.

Instapundit: What did Obama know and when did he know it?, Rand Paul wants to ask Haspel what she knows of CIA surveillance on Trump Campaign (it sounds like Rand knows something), Giuliani wants Sessions to step inGuiliani calls Comey a 'disgraceful liar'

AoSHQ: Morning RantAnimal CrakersThe Morning Report: F.I.B. (I share J.J. Sefton's outrage), Rudy says Mueller admits he can't indite a sitting president (translation, Team Mueller don't have spit), and the spy in the Trump campaign

Rush Limbaugh: The delicious embarrassment of Robert Mueller, Driveby Media at DEFCON 1, NYT confirms FBI spied on Trump Campaign, Investigating Trump is about Exonerating Hillary, Curious Resignation, Clapper Spins

TOM: Internal Civil War Raging (Not Raging)It's A Gas, Gas, Gas!,  and In The Mailbox 05.18.18: Twitchy: Sharryl Atkisson Breaks Down Why The Deep State Didn’t Want Trump Elected

Powerline: Analyze ThisMore Mueller MadnessTrump Tower meeting cut down to sizeMcCarthy Reads The Times Story, and The New Times Origin Story

DRUDGE REPORT:MUELLER'S REPORT ISSUED LABOR DAY? (just in time to create a lot of noise before the midterms) and FRAME JOB BY DOJ

National Review McCarthy: Spinning a Crossfire Hurricane

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  1. I'm not sure Halper was working for the FBI. I now believe the stage was set for Strzok when he was sent to London. He took the bait and the rest is history. My problem believing Halper worked for the FBI is that what this began unfolding Hillary had a couple of people still at State and they seemed to have been participants. The way I believed this worked is that State says to CIA, 'Hey check this out.' When FBI goes to FISA they had threads from State and CIA. Brennan is a bad actor. We know he ordered agents to hack the Senate Intelligence Committee. The FBI may have been duped. I'm not excusing them. When in a campaign you start spying on the other party through offices of government you've stepped off into territory hostile to the American philosophy.


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