Thursday, May 17, 2018

Rudy Threatens To Rip Mueller's Team Apart

I am not sure having Rudy go out for Trump is helping all that much, but Rudy's on a roll again (and this image above came to mind). Still, the spying on the Trump Campaign, was real, wrong, and is a very big deal. I am convinced this whole Trump Russian collusion thing was just a way to cloak the real corruption involving the FBI, Democrats, Clinton before the 2016 election.  

AoSHQ: The Morning Report: F.I.B. (I share J.J. Sefton's outrage), Rudy says Mueller admits he can't indite a sitting president (translation, Team Mueller don't have spit), and the spy in the Trump campaign

Legal Insurrection: NYT Report Confirms Obama’s FBI Spied On Trump


National Review McCarthy: Spinning a Crossfire Hurricane

Gateway Pundit: Rudy Giuliani Responds! 

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