Friday, May 18, 2018

School Shooting in Santa Fe, Texas: Deaths Reported

This is breaking news. Initial reports are often incorrect. But my prayers and condolences to those affected, this is terrible news.  I do not like reporting the identity of the shooter/criminal in cases like this, since it seems media attention encourages others to do similar crimes.


AoSHQ: Shooter had a lot of death cult memorabilia on his trench coat (the shooter also allegedly used a shotgun and had a bisexual pin in his hat) and Breaking News, 10 dead reported...

I won't say his name, but that pin says LOVE! 

U.S. Mass Shootings: Broken down by race of shooter

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  1. Can't wait to hear the usual suspects start in about assault shotguns and revolvers.

    The thing that can be done, but won't, is make it easier to lock up people like this before they spin out.


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