Friday, December 8, 2017

Credibility Implosion: Gloria Allred's Client Admits She Added "Part" Of That Year Book Inscription About Roy Moore

Granted, Roy Moore accuser Beverley Young did not admit to forgery of the whole inscription in that interview. Still it is a huge credibility problem for her.

There are two very serious allegations against Roy Moore, both if true, would be deal breakers for most people. The issue is, are these accusations true?  They are almost forty years old. Roy Moore denies them. Beverley Young accused Roy Moore of attempted rape when she was 16 and used a year book notation as proof they knew each other.

Moore has asked to allow his handwriting expert to examine the year book (under supervision) and challenges the authenticity of the notation. Gloria Allred refused. Now her client admits she wrote on the year book page. And it is unclear why she did not disclose it earlier.

Hot Air's Allahpundit sums it up well:
Did Nelson add the “D.A.” after his signature too? Moore has been adamant that he never signed his name with his job title appended to the end, and in fact wasn’t even the local D.A. yet when that was signed. He was an assistant D.A. 
It’s not *that* weird for someone to memorialize an inscription made by another by noting the circumstances, especially if that person was a figure of some importance like the assistant district attorney. (People did it on the backs of old snapshots, right?) But how the hell does Gloria Allred let her client go out there last month at a press conference, produce the yearbook as a smoking gun proving that she and Moore knew each other, and not acknowledge immediately that she added to the inscription? Did Allred not notice the discrepancy in the handwriting or did Nelson not think to bring it up? It’s not a minor addition, either. The location and especially the date are crucial to showing that Moore and Nelson were acquainted when she said they were. Turns out she wrote that part, though, not him. Was it contemporaneous with his signature or did she add it years afterward?

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Why did the Washington Post run with the Moore story when it did, after it was impossible for the Republicans to get a new candidate? Because the Washington Post wanted the Democrat to win. That is not about getting to the truth about Roy Moore, that is about a D.C. news organization having a partisan agenda.

If Roy Moore wins, the Washington Post and media should blame themselves. Gloria Allred, you're to blame too! 

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Legal Insurrection: Doug Jones' Bizarre Racial FlierThe Democrats Sacrificial ManRoy Moore accuser admits she added to the alleged yearbook inscription:
The questioning in the interview on this point was inadequate. When did she add the notes underneath? That’s important because the notes she added, by her own admission, were the date and the location, the diner where she allegedly was assaulted. Otherwise, it’s just a high school yearbook entry which may prove Moore knew her, but doesn’t place her and Moore together at the diner without the information Young added. (added) It’s also unclear from this interview whether the initials “D.A.” were added by Young. 
Apparently Young and Allred are having another press conference this afternoon. Perhaps more will be learned, including whether there has been a forensic examination of the yearbook and if so, by whom. 
We will update.
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  1. So my first question is answered; what sexual predator would sign, date, and address a piece of evidence to their victim moments before assaulting them? Apparently none.


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