Friday, November 10, 2017

Dear Mitt Romney, National Review and the GOPe, we need to talk... Update: Credibility Issues with Moore's Accusers

When I have seen Democrats and their media allies create Fake News stories like the Fusion GPS ginned up Russian Dossier, I tend to not trust the news (without something more). That is not irrational, it's smart.

We saw it last week over a ridiculous story about Trump feeding the fishes.  The media involved did not make a mistake, they knew the Japanese Prime Minister tossed the contents of his box of fish food the same pond.  These were koi in a pond, not some tiny fish tank. Yet CNN and others brazenly still tried to attack Trump over doing that exact same thing, suggesting he was harming the koi! These aren't the old days where a journalist would be fired if caught doing that. Many in the media are openly hostile to Trump and to them the ends (in hurting him) justify any means. If the media will lie openly about something so trivial and easily refuted, they will lie with malice about anything.

It is not limited to Donald Trump. Remember when they painted Mitt Romney as a monster for strapping the dog kennel to the roof of the family station wagon?  Or when Mitt Romney was painted as a misogynistic monster for having women in binders, and how can we forget the media going nuts over Mitt's 47% comments? At least those stories had a grain a truth, albeit, completely twisted and misrepresented. I did not buy into that nonsense, I defended Mitt.

So now we have these salacious and disgusting allegations about Roy Moore. I get you all dislike Roy Moore. Fair enough, you are entitled to that. I disagree with Roy Moore on a lot of issues too.  But to have the GOPe fall over itself in attacking Roy Moore out of the box is insane. Why is it that Democrats never do this to their own, and Republicans do it all the time? Take a breath.


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Do you see Schumer denouncing Bob Menendez? Or Democrats denouncing Bill Clinton? Bill Clinton flew to Jeffrey Epstein's orgy sex island multiple times, sometimes without Secret Service protection. Clinton made twenty-six trips on the Lolita Express to Epstein's island?  The evidence of sexual misbehavior by those two is far stronger than what has been dredged up about Roy Moore. Even with Anthony Weiner, Democrats denounced him only when it was clear everything alleged about him was true (and they couldn't avoid it anymore).

These Moore allegations are going back to 1979. Suddenly the WaPo manages to break a story like this, now? Given the pattern we have seen between the media and Democrats colluding together and their willingness to push fake news stories, how can you not be somewhat suspicious?

I do not endorse adult men sexually pursuing 14 year olds. Kevin Spacey did not deny what Rapp said about him, he claimed he didn't remember (and then cravenly came out as gay at the same time). Kevin Spacey also flew with Bill Clinton on the Lolita Express.

This is not about endorsing bad behavior by anyone, it is about being skeptical of allegations that smack of dirty political tricks just before an important election. I don't know what Roy Moore did or didn't do back in 1979. But without more evidence, I do not automatically trust the reporting source in this case and neither should you.

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  1. I just finished Laura Ingraham's latest book. If I were to boil the whole thing down to one piece advice: "Learn to fight back!"

    Jeb! wasn't going to do it. Rubio already showed a penchant for rolling over and showing his tummy. Kasich fought for the wrong team. And I sadly see now that Cruz is better than most, but not as good as he needs to be. Trump fights. It helps that for every woman that the media claimed he abused or talked dirty about; every one of them has said Trump treated them respectfully.

    So perhaps another idea not in the book; don't be a creep.


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