Monday, November 6, 2017

Bolshevik Revolution, 100 years later...

Lenin Statute, Freemont District, Seattle (appropriate red paint added)

While the revolution had been going on for some time, the Bolsheviks took power on November 6, 1917 (we think if it as the October Revolution, but the Gregorian calendar was only adopted after the revolution).

Communism: Quite the legacy over the last 100 years: Misery. Disaster. Failure. Famine.

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  1. Roughly 125,000,000 people murdered - mostly by Stalin (53 mil) and Mao (67 mil).

    Fascism was responsible for less the 50 (14 by Dolf, 30 by the Nips), yet we barely hear about the Commies.


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