Sunday, November 5, 2017

Prayers and condolences for the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas

The shooter is reportedly dead. 27 parishioners are reported to have been killed the attack. More injured. RIP to the victims. Prayer and condolences to the people impacted.

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  1. 72 hour rule in effect. But I do think they usual suspects will make a bunch of political statements they will regret before the 72 hours are over.

  2. Antifa psycho, just like the nut who attacked Rand Paul (if you want a laugh, look at this guy's feedback from his patients).

    OK, remember that big "The war starts now" campaign ANTIFA ran in the Gray Lady last week, funded by Dr Evil?

    Can anybody come up with a good reason why these morons shouldn't be hauled into court as accessories?

  3. I guess Hollywood hasn't done enough with molesting women and children, as well promoting violence against Republicans; so now they want to call those who offer the prayers a "worthless sack of shit".

    And the argument about not doing anything about guns takes full ignorance that a week ago we were talking about a Islamist terrorist killing people with a rented truck. And continued ignorance that the most violent place in the US has the strictest gun laws. F'm.


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