Saturday, November 4, 2017

ANTIFA plans to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Revolution this weekend...

MIC Network: Antifa and November 4? 

I do not expect too much from Antifa, because they are mostly losers

So what has Capitalism brought us?  Prosperity, improved health, better and more productive lives.  What has 100 years of Communism brought?  Misery. Disaster. Failure. Famine.

Small Dead Animals: Nothing to Celebrate (well at least not till November 8)

Babalu Blog: Communism: A legacy of misery and death

Powerline: Marxism: The Key To Health?

Instapundit: Antifa's Riotpalooza went bust: You promised me a riot and all I got was...pretty much nada


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    1. It did. With the Access Hollywood tape. It backfired on them. Oh wait, you mean the Soviets. Nevermind.


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