Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Some people find Dana Loesch and women who like firearms triggering... (trigger strobe warning)

Twitchy: Dana has that effect on certain people...

I do not mean to be insensitive about the Vegas shooting (like some people were about the victims).  What happened was horrible. But the left's rapid deployment against gun rights is not the answer. We don't even know the facts about that shooting (and there are a lot of unanswered questions). We know this though, over a hundred million Americans have firearms...and are totally responsible.

Hot Air: This is pretty triggering (for a leftist) but the science supports it!

Maybe not...

Can a bump stock make it seem like an automatic?  It is possible...

We have not heard the full story on this shooter.  He was obviously an evil individual who plotted his crime out in advance. What was his motivation? Why that target? What gun law could have stopped him (hint: it isn't gun control)? Eventually it should come out, but it is very strange.

Rule 5 and FMJRA

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Instapundit: A Final Solution For Gun Control?, The media don't understand guns and don't want toThe LidIf only Tom Friedman had a brainThey survived the Vegas shooting, but don't want more gun controlSteve Scalice got fortified on guns after being shot, Leftist refuse to let 'a good crisis go to waste'Olbermann calls NRA a terrorist organization. He has also called Trump a Hitler, but wants to country to disarm while he is in office? What gives Keith?  And remember, only people approved by the government should have guns. And acts of heroism during the Vegas shooting.  And six dumbest celebrity reactions to Vegas Massacre.  The problem is not guns it is people. It is very strange, as additional oddities come out.  Mark Steyn on the Empty Paddock (oh oh...).

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It is worth noting it again! And I know an AR-15 is not a gun...


  1. Well I guess you could pass a law against bump stocks, but then those devices just prove how pointless it is to outlaw tech. Someone will always event something new.

    I haven't heard it this go around, but I'm sure someone put it out there, "our founding fathers never envisioned us owning automatics?" or moreover "should people be allowed to own nuclear weapons?". So in today's news, local River Oaks HOA (old, and lots of, money) upset about neighbor that bought Sherman tank and parked it out front. They aren't mad that he has a tank, just that they like it parked on the curb. Did the founding father's expect people to own tanks? A little further south at Ellington Field, a private citizen owns an F-4 Phantom II. They could carry nuclear weapons. Heck, way down south in Texas, the Commemorative Air Force owns a B-29 and a B-17, each could carry multiple bombs and machine guns, and oh the B-29 could carry other things.

    Houston just had its Air Show. Nobody panicked that a guy flew around in a Me-262 with Nazi uniform, because they know the guy is neither a Nazi or will use his WW II fighting weapon to intentionally hurt somebody. Just like nobody gets upset when the local marina fires off its cannon, which while small, it would have been handy in the Battle of Gonzales.

    Finally, Jimmy Kimmel has just lost it. I realized it after his remarks about the efforts to save his own child: "If your baby is going to die and it doesn't have to, it shouldn't matter how much money you make. ... Whether you're a Republican or a Democrat or something else, we all agree on that, right?" He said this in support of Obamacare, and more over single payer. But Kimmel doesn't agree with his own statement, because when it came to a UK family trying to save their baby Charlie Gard with their own resources and money; they were denied and Kimmel didn't care. Wait, I thought it shouldn't matter about the money? But apparently it does, and if the government gets to choose, if you make too much of it, you get actually less care. But in the US, if you are a rich celebrity, you can spend whatever resources you want, because we still live in a free society. Not because of rich celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel, but in spite of him. I'm glad his child survived, but I'll note he hasn't spent any time paying it back to the doctors and nurses that saved his child. If he really cared, he would use some of his money to pay for the education of more of them, rather than mouthing off about things he doesn't understand nor truly believe.

    1. Agree totally. Kimmel is a liar and a tool. I think the complaints about the tank are more your typical HOA stuff. Although I would totally dig it if my neighbor got a WWII tank and put it in the front yard (I would dig it more to have one of my own).


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