Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lefty Journalist Neil Steinberg denied being an AR-15 because of information revealed in his background check...

There are some stories that almost seem to write themselves.  

The Truth About Guns: Defensive Firearm Stories (your wife might appreciate this Neil)

Wombat: JWF: Hilarious Dems throw temper tantrum over gun control and Twitchy: Does John Lewis' commitment to civil rights have an expiration date?

Hogewash: Questions to ask those favoring gun control

DaTechGuy: About that House sit in...
NewsBusters: Oops


  1. Well, not to go fair and balanced or anything, just look at him. Liberal hipster, probably ran home to mommy every time he ever got invited out to the school yard for an after school scrap. Never been in a fight in his life. Most of the domestic violence charges like he has are from women that whine if you look at them, let alone raise your voice or give them a slap. He's such a pussy-looking guy, the assumption is he'd cry with the first three shots. I know what he was trying to pull when he did this (AR-15 expose'!), but HIS domestic violence charges were likely nonsense.

    1. "HIS domestic violence charges were likely nonsense"

      He admitted he slapped his wife (while she was calling 911 because he was threatening her), blamed his drinking.


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