Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lying Loretta Lynch of the Obama Administration

It is hard to be humiliated when you have no shame...

Free Beacon: Loretta Lynch says: Best response to terrorism is love and compassion (but if you are a climate change denier, forgetaboutit, she is going to prosecute you and don't you dare say anything bad about Muslims or else)

Instapundit: Why did the White House humiliate Loretta Lynch (hey, it is part of her job) and it is Benghazi without the shame, and Islam's finest PR agent

Michelle Malkin: Loretta Lynch goes to Orlando (we are not in the best of hands right now)

When cornered just pretend you know nothing...

Weasel Zippers: Loretta Lynch does not know where the Orlando shooter's wife currently is...

Gay Patriot: Let's censor the transcripts was typical Obama Administration stupidity

Hot Air: Loretta Lynch wants to overwhelm our ISIS enemies with love

AoSHQ: Lorretta  Terrorists (that will show them)


  1. To be fair, she was brought into the administration as a tool, and she is performing that job well.

    1. I agree she is a tool! I just remember GWB's AG not cow-towing to the administration, not do I think GWB ever asked him too (and following the law). Obama's AG's are not bound by rule of law. It is a sad state of affairs we are in.


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