Monday, June 20, 2016

Donald Trump's Communications Director Hope Hicks

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  1. I listened to Rush yesterday and didn't so much as agree, but as usual, had my own thoughts reaffirmed. I've looked at the polls for the battleground states, and Trump is not that far behind and some places ahead. Considering such a gap in fundraising, Hillary should be far ahead, but she is not.

    Democrats for years have been claiming they want to get money out of politics. McCain even ran with this plank. Trump has personal money, but he's not as bought and paid for as Hillary Clinton. That will be a talking point as we continue into the general. That will resonate with voters that otherwise would support Hillary.

    So why bring up the lack of fundraising? The establishment is trying to thumb their noses at voters. If we don't come to our senses and support replacing Trump with someone they handpick, then they won't bring the money. Well, they certainly gave a lot of money to Jeb, and if all what they claim about fundraising mattered, Jeb would be the nominee.


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