Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Why Obama Illegally Spied On Trump...

This is definitely a 'read the whole thing.' Whether you agree with Trump or not, it is a slow motion coup and it is not overstating it to say the country is at stake. The GOPe of course can't pull their heads out of their whatevers to recognize what is going on.  

Legal Insurrection: Manafort wiretaps may have picked up Trump

Don Surber: Why is CNN telling us this now (big deal) and The media's wire-tap dancing

AoSHQ: Morning Report and Media strangely silent in how they ignored Obama's spying scandal

Rush Limbaugh: Mueller will keep digging till he finds somethingthe Obama regime caught spying on TrumpThe Mueller probe continues the Hillary cover up, Attorney General Sessions takes heat, The Establishment Must Destroy Trump

Instapundit: Worse than we ever imaginedObama spied on Trump, just like he spied on meCongress needs to find out how the FBI meddled in the 2016 Election, What Obama did is much worse than Watergate, Did they lie about 'wiretapping' or did the FBI go rogue?, Obama spying

EBL: So, Obama Really Did 'Wiretap' Trump Tower?, It has always been Obama pulling the strings..., Spying Lying Democrats, Did Obama set up Trump to justify a FISA warrant?, Crooked Comey Collusion, What Is Fusion GPS, Comey dug himself a few holes

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