Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Did Obama set up Trump to justify a FISA warrant?

Doug Ross may be right about this.  Something stinks in Denmark District of Columbia 

Obama and his cronies absolutely need to be called out on this. Still, I especially loath the GOP Establishment and NeverTrumpers of the Right who are not calling the Democrats out on this. Never forget what they are doing. They are selling us all out.  

Powerline:  Lessons From the Veselnitskaya Affair and This day in Russian collusion hysteria

Mark Steyn: Chancers and Honeytraps and Azerbaijani Sunshine on CNN's shoulder

DRUDGE REPORTObama gave Natalia Veselnitskaya Special Entry

Michelle Malkin: Will new wrinkle render media now incurious?

EBL: Separated at Birth: Natalia Veselnitskaya and... & Holes

Rush Limbaugh: Natalia Veselnitskaya set up

ZeroHedge: Loretta Lynch Involved

Daily Caller: Dems and Natalia

AoSHQ: Democrat Liars

TOM: George Soros

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