Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Is Trump rolling over for Pelosi and Schumer?

I get Trump giving some grief back to McConnell and Ryan (they both deserve it), and I am not opposed to negotiating with the Democrats. I don't even have a problem for carving out a reasonable deal on DACA.

But this alleged deal is guaranteeing DACA illegals citizenship and getting not a lot in return. Shouldn't citizenship be on a case by case merit (at the very least). Not all these 'Dreamers' are what the media portrays them to be. And there is (allegedly) zero wall funding in this. Sad.

I also want a means to track visa stay over in the USA (about half of illegals overstay visas)

If negotiations are still going on, a bit of push back might be useful around now?

Ok, if this is true, Trump should call a presser tomorrow and Shame Pelosi for using the Dreamers as pawns

If all this is about getting back at Mitch McYertle and Paul Ryno for sabotaging his legislative agenda, this law is exactly what they and their base, the Chamber of Commerce want. And they got him to renege on a central pillar of his campaign. Sorry, but there is just no way to spin this as any sort of victory, political or otherwise.
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