Tuesday, September 5, 2017

DACA Day: How about some Balinese Kecak Chanting?

This video above just seems to fit.  

There will be a lot of chanting back and forth and we will see if Congress can do something...or not.

Don Surber: Welcome Back Barack

Right Scoop: Barack Obama responds

Legal Insurrection: Rescission of DACA

AoSHQ: S**t Storm and Delayed Rescission

Instapundit: It was always Kabuki theater, What Trump did was the right thing to doWhiney Obama, Hurricane DACAThe 2020 Democrat AgendaDACA wiggle room, Congress fixes DACA but not Obamacare?

The video above is from Baraka, which was a good film to see in a movie theater if you just like beautifully shot images and scenes without a conventional plot (and that is not a criticism--the films do have a plot, but they are impressionistic). Ron Fricke was the cinematographer on Baraka who was also involved in the Qatsi trilogy (such as Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance)
TOM: @The_Moviebob has some Darwinian issues about DACA day and  A tattoo-covered, mentally ill, ex-stripper whose real name is Chelsea Van Valkenburg publishes a dishonest book

AoSHQ: Gorillapundit on Barack Obama's accomplishments

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