Thursday, September 7, 2017

Is pushing budget issues off for three months really a defeat for Republicans?

Lem's Levity: Ouch!
I agree with Don Surber on this, what has Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan done for Donald Trump lately? This is Trump firing a cannon over the bow of the GOPe. I concur with Rush too, it is more optics than anything. It is not like the GOPe disagree with Schumer and Pelosi on policy that much, it is because Ryan and McConnell are made to look foolish and feckless by Trump. Don is also right about the Democrats and Antifa, the Democrats need a deal too.

But a three month kicking the budget can down the road has the budget issues landing right in the middle of what will be congressional DACA negotiations.  Hmmm, President Trump is signaling he wants congress to act on DACA, but what might he want funding for in return...

So predictions this is a big mistake on Trump's part may be a wee bit premature. I have concerns like J.J. Sefton (if you came to drain the swamp, then drain the ****ing swamp), but the answer will be in how all of this turns out over the next few months.

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Hot Air: Jonah Goldberg says Trump's shift is not a genius move.  Ok. Neither was NeverTrumpers continually bashing Trump after he won. Truth is Mitch and Paul Ryan have been weak and continue to be weak.  Still, I do not trust Chuck Schumer at all--and favorites of NRO like Marco Rubio should recognize why trusting Chuck Schumer is a mistake.  I guess we wait to see how this turns out.  


  1. The issue here is that all those negotiations will also be taking place right ahead of primary season.

    The usual screwing around and posturing will be at the screwer's peril.


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