Monday, July 24, 2017

Oldschool Greyscale Treatment and Game of Thrones

Learning to be a maester is a messy dangerous business...

This was a well done scene from Stormborn: Season 7: Episode 2. Samwell Tarley's compassion for Jorah Mormont is evident (and given the danger of transmission of greyscale extremely dangerous to Sam). As far as debriding the damaged tissue, I have seen modern third degree burn treatment that is not much removed from that episode (and it is often done without anesthesia--or without it being very effective).  

Sam is careful to tell Jorah to be quiet. But given the Archmaester said to Jorah that he is being shipped off tomorrow, won't the rest of the Maesters find out that Sam is performing the forbidden treatment? Perhaps, however, there is there a less painful cure available?  

There seems to be more in store for Jorah than being shipped off to the ruins of Valaria to live with the Stonemen. Interesting cross comparison of Daenarys separately confronting Varys over his prior scheming against her (which of course Jorah was also involved with and which resulted in his exile from her company and ultimately contracting greyscale). 

What are Varys's true intentions (if you doubt his pledge of honest counsel to the Queen for the protection of the realm)?  In Daenarys conference at Dragonstone, there are several references of her avoiding being ruler of the ashes, which is a reference back to Varys's opinion of Littlefinger and Cersei's burning down of the Great Sept in Kings Landing.    

Archmaester willing to make 'death panel' decisions when it comes to Oldtown healthcare...

Anesthesia (other than rum) is not covered under an Oldtown Bronze Plan

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