Sunday, July 23, 2017

Praying mantises are wrecking havoc on humming bird populations...

If you see a praying mantis on your humming bird feeder, you might consider intervening...

I never considered praying mantis a harmful invasive species, but if they are preying on humming birds I am going to reconsider that. I do not put up humming bird feeders, just to see the little guys  who visit get their brains eaten while still alive. 

A mantis is not cruel, it is an carnivorious insect and just eating anything it can catch. But I am not going to let them sit on my feeders and eat humming birds.  

Ok, you can draw all sorts of analogies and metaphors for this...

PJ Media: Who's the mantis and who is the humming bird?

If a mantis takes out the Geico Gecko...I would have less problem with that.

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