Thursday, July 6, 2017

Donald Trump, CNN, and the Media...

What really drives the media nuts is Trump does not lie there and take it from them

DaTechGuy: Embarassing

TOM: CNN: The most trusted in...

Glenn Greenwald: CNN's dark turn

90 Miles from Tyranny: Inside CNN

Legal Insurrection: What CNN thinks

The Feral Irishman: Even ISIS is pissed

Twitchy: Chuck Todd called out on tweet

Powerline: A Blush of Embarrassment at the NYT

Political Clown Parade: Putting the squeeze on CNN

Michelle Malkin: CNN crossing the fake news streams

Daily Caller: Another Undesirable make an apology to CNN

Popehat: CNN, Doxxing and why we are full of shit as a political culture

Heat Street: CNN does not understand meme culture, and it backfired on them bigtime

AoSHQ: Jim Acosta doses burning CNN in glitter infused gasoline and The Morning Report

Wombat: Mark Steyn: CNN Investigative Unit Gets Out The Tire Iron, also, The First Post-National Holiday and Louder With Crowder: HYPOCRITE ALERT! Pro-Refugee George Clooney Moving Family Back To America…To Escape Terrorism?

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