Monday, July 3, 2017

Donald and CNN

Instapundit: Democracy dies with Doxxing (CNN makes HanAssholeSolo recant his Trump CNN gif under penalty of being outed), The price of fighting with TrumpOlbermann never disappointsCNN needs to react appropriatelyMorning Joe Whiplash, What Trump is doing is NOT domestic violence, Ouch, Trump clotheslines Media, Trump is playing with the media, Media and Democrat hypocrisy, Yep (boy that nails it spot on), Media horrified by Trump body shaming a logo, Forget it Jake, it's Journotown, I am shocked, shocked that Trump tweeting is going on and Clown Time

AoSHQ: Ouch!

Twitchy: Media or Mafia? CNN tracks down and threatens Reddit user HanAssholeSolo who created Trump CNN Gif

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