Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Bullying: This Is CNN

Instapundit: Trump is Supreme Galactic Master of Provocation, #CNNBlackmailGlenn Greenwald calls CNN 'creepy'What this tells us about the state of journalismDid CNN out the wrong guy? (nice move there CNN), This really is CNN, CNN ThugsJon Gabriel: Trump has driven CNN stark raving madCNN manages to turn itself into the villain over thisCharlie Martin: CNN extorts apology from Reddit user, Democracy Dies in Doxxing: CNN threatens to out Reddit user who created Trump-CNN gif, This. Is. CNN.

Powerline: CNN blows lid off Trump tweet
CNN and Kaczynski owe Mr. A**holeSolo an apology on at least two counts. First, Kaczynski to the contrary notwithstanding, Mr. A**holeSolo didn’t make “calls for violence against the press.” Whatever Mr. A**holeSolo’s faults, his view of the GIF as satire is far more balanced than the unhinged response of CNN and its friends in the Democrats’ media adjunct. Second, Kaczynski shouldn’t have threatened to out Kaczynski if he backslides. To exercise his own rights in the futures, Mr. A**holeSolo will now either have to seek preclearance review of future comments intended for public consumption or subject himself to the arbitrary judgment of the likes of Andrew Kaczynski. Mr. A**holeSolo may not know a lot, but he knows enough to keep his mouth shut (as the the hashtag #CNNBlackmail suggests).

Daily Wire: Self Beclowning Continues at CNN with Chris Cuomo

Circa: CNN under fire for threatening to out Reddit user

Gay Patriot: CNN: Cosa Nostra Network

Don Surber: What's up, Doxx?

EBL: Donald and CNN
Twitchy: CNN lying?This is CNNAndrew Kaczynski fights back, no threats to Reddit guy..., POOF, it's gone and Is there a worse person to defend CNN than Andrew Kaczynski?

This is all you can say about CNN...

Lem's Place: Watch Andre Kaczynski scrambling (like a little bitch) and CNN under fire

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