Tuesday, May 9, 2017



I was a bit surprised, but actually not surprised now that it has happened and I have thought about it. Comey was damaged goods and has become a dog that you can't trust anymore. Trump's critics may try to make hay of this (they do no matter what he does), but it is not like the Democrats liked Comey much.

Then again, now that Trump fired him, the lefties will probably like Comey.

Powerline: Was it the last straw?

Flashback Fun: Chuck Schumer has lost confidence in Comey

Instapundit: Roger Simon: Comey out, who's next?Had It ComingComey's firing was inevitableHot Mic at PJMComey Fired

Legal Insurrection: With Comey out of the way, will Hillary be prosecuted? and You're Fired!

Fun Fact!

I am not surprised by the hypocrisy of the left, but these #NeverTrumper tools drive me nuts. Why it is so surprising that Trump would fire Comey after Comey just testified in front of Congress and misspoke (and the FBI had to correct him). You can debate whether Comey should or should not be fired, but please stop the hysteria that there was no basis for President Trump to do what he did.    

TOM: Liberal Paranoia in the Trump Age

NRO: The bipartisan case against James Comey

WFB: Colbert's Audience Cheers News of Comey Firing!

NYT: James Comey Fired with Letters from President Trump, AG Sessions, and Dept. AG Rod Rosenstein

WaPo: This article actually sums it up well. Yeah, Trump did not trust Comey. Guess what, no body did.  The FBI has suffered under his leadership.  And then Comey gave Trump an excuse to fire him.

Maybe Comey can take up fishing!

EBL: Ok, who picked May 9?


Reason: Democrats need to take a deep breath and White House didn't expect this fallout?  Maybe they didn't expect quite this level of vitriol, but pretty much anything Trump does draws fallout with his critics.

John Podhoretz/Commentary:  Comey deserved to be fired

Washington Examiner/Byron York: Comey Firing Timing

Twitter: Did Trump contradict himself?

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